The possibility to create a space within a space, a cocoon to be isolated from daily worries, to retrieve inner balance and peace. Rest.

During exploration of the possibilities with paper models, the concept of folding, simplicity in form and material was prior to any aesthetics. In search for a natural and warm material, the choice for felt was made quickly: felt as a folding material, felt as a supportive material. The screen needed to be as flexible as paper and as rigid as a cardboard. Following the folding patterns of the paper models and using a composition of felt in 2 different thicknesses and colors, MaDaM was born. MaDaM as an palindrome for the design of the screen.

Both sides of the screen are equal, there’s no front or back. Each side has its own look and feel. One side is uniform in color of choice, the other side is fragmented according to the geometric folding pattern. Due to the composition of those two layers, placed in a geometric pattern, the screen can be folded in any direction, to create a cocoon or room divider, adaptive to your mood or living room atmosphere.